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Create a theme for Symfony admin generator from zero is extremely difficult. A more easy choice is to copy it from an existing default one. We can do it following the next steps:

Create the directory structure

In your proyect "data" dir create another dir named "generator" and into it another one called sfPropelModule

Copy the default Symfony admin generator theme

Go to the Symfony root dir (you can know it entering the command "symfony -V") and copy the directory /lib/plugins/sfPropelPlugin/data/generator/sfPropelModule/admin into the directory created in the first step (/data/generator/sfPropelModule/). The name for the theme will be "admin" if you want to change it, rename the folder to the desired name.

Customize it

Now the templates copied will be in "/data/generator/sfPropelModule/THEME_NAME/templates/templates" you only have to modify them.

Set the theme in generator.yml

In order to set your theme to the Symfony admin generator, is it necessary to set it into the generator.yml file (in the "config/" directory of your module) with the attribute "theme" similar to:

        theme: THEME_NAME

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