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Eduroam (Education Roaming) is a secure international roaming service for users in Higher Education. The European eduroam confederation (a confederation of autonomous roaming services) is based on a set of defined organisational and technical requirements that each member of the confederation must agree to (by signing the eduroam policy GN2-07-328) and follow (source).

For configure the conexion under a Linux environment (in this tutorial, under Ubuntu 10.04) we need to have insalled Network Manager (installed by default in all Ubuntu distros) and follow a simple steps.

Open "Network connections".

Or we can type in console "nm-connection-editor" (Ubuntu 10.04) or network-manager (Ubuntu < 10.04).

Eduroam Add Network

Select the tab "Wireless" and press the "Add" button.

Eduroam Configuration

In the "Wireless" tab we have to insert in SSID field "eduroam".

Eduroam Configuration

In the "Wireless security", into "Security" we have to select "WPA2 enterprise", in "Authentication" "TLS through tunnel", in "Anonymous identity" nothing, in "CA certificate" nothing, in "Internal authentication" we have to select "PAP" and in "User" and "Password" fields the usual authentication data for access your career system (normally

At this point we may be connected.

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